University Supporters – 2014

2014 University Fellowship Sponsors

Thank you to our outstanding University partners for support of the WDI: University of Iowa, UC Berkeley, Kansas State University, Wake Forest University, College of St. Benedict, James Madison University, UMKC, SUNY Binghamton, University of Oregon, Georgia State, West Georgia, Whitman College, and University of Georgia!

The WDI University Fellowship sponsors program matches college debate teams with students attending the WDI who want to debate in college. This partnership helps us achieve our mission of getting more young women to bridge the gap between high school and college debate. Read more and learn how to become a sponsor!

Universities joining our Fellowship program in 2014

University of Oregon  The University of Oregon debate team is among the best in collegiate parliamentary debate. The team boasts a wide array of awards, including having teams consistently ranked in the top 15 in the National Parliamentary Tournament of Excellence (NPTE) rankings. During the 2013-14 season, a University of Oregon debater, Liz Fetherston, won the top speaker award at the NPTE. Under the leadership of Dr. Trond Jacobson, the new Director of Debate at Oregon, there is no doubt that the University of Oregon’s debate success will continue in the future. (location: Eugene, OR)

University of West Georgia  West Georgia has a proud, 40+ year history of policy debate. Housed in the Honors College and directed by the Dean of the Honors College, Dr. Michael Hester, the West Georgia debate team has a consistent record of excellence. West Georgia debaters have accomplished numerous feats over the years, including back-to-back CEDA national championships. This year, West Georgia received a first-round at large bid to the National Debate Tournament and performed strongly at both CEDA and the NDT. (location: Carrollton, GA)

Georgia State University  The debate team at Georgia State has enjoyed significant competitive success while providing opportunities for students with a variety of backgrounds. Georgia State accepts debaters of all experience levels, and competes in novice, junior varsity, and varsity divisions. Directed by Dr. Joe Bellon, the team has experienced success in all of these divisions, including appearances in the elimination rounds of CEDA and the NDT within the past five years at the varsity level. This year, Georgia State qualified a team to the National Debate Tournament. (location: Atlanta, GA)

University of Georgia  The University of Georgia has been fielding competitive teams in collegiate policy debate for over fifty years. The team is directed by Dr. Ed Panetta, with Hays Watson as the head coach. The 2013-14 season was a special one for the University of Georgia: it marked the twenty-fifth consecutive year that the school has qualified teams to the National Debate Tournament, just one example of the University of Georgia’s consistently exemplary debate record. (location: Athens, GA)

Whitman College  At Whitman, the debate team has combined a long record of competitive success with community outreach. This season, under the leadership of Director of Debate Kevin Kuswa, the team has ventured out into the surrounding area to bring debate to others, including facilitating debates about prison privatization between inmates and Whitman students at a local penitentiary. The Whitman debate team has also had immense competitive success, in both policy and parliamentary debate. Whitman qualified 4 teams to NPTE, a rare feat, and also captured the third and top speaker awards at NPDA. In policy debate, Whitman qualified a team to the National Debate Tournament, where they won three debates against some of the toughest teams in the nation. (location: Walla Walla, WA)


And a huge thanks to our continuing Fellowship partners!

SUNY-Binghamton   Binghamton establishes this Fellowship because a partnership with the WDI is an excellent opportunity to give debaters the needed experience to excel in competition.  Led by Director Joe Leeson-Schatz and coaches Armands Revelins and Guy Risko, Binghamton’s debate team emphasizes student leadership and participation. Incoming students with prior experience quickly find themselves on the varsity squad and traveling nationally.  Binghamton consistently qualifies to compete in the prestigous National Debate Tournament and ranks in the top 10 debate teams in CEDA Sweepstakes. (location: Binghamton, NY)

Kansas State University   The Kansas State University debate team, led by Director Joe Koehle, is the alma mater of the WDI’s Director of Finances, Sarah Glaser (Go ‘Cats!!).  Founded in 1905, KSU won the 2011 Cross Examination Debate Association National Championship (and the winning team included Beth Mendenhall, a current WDI staff member).  The first KSU Fellowship came from a group of KSU debate alumni who pooled their resources, and that show of support blossomed into an established fellowship from KSU. (location: Manhattan, KS)

UC Berkeley   The Cal Berkeley debate team, led by Director Jonah Feldman and Assistant Director Jason Peterson, has had incredible debate success including winning the Copeland Award three times (given to the team with the best season in a year) and appearing in the National Debate Tournament finals twice.  Debaters receive scholarships for their participation.  Cal is sponsoring a WDI Fellowship to support the growth of women in the debate community. (location: Berkeley, CA)

James Madison University   JMU was one of the original supporters of the WDI, and we’re proud to team with them again this year!  The team is coached by Director Mike Davis and Assistant Director Lindsey Shook.  JMU debate consists of a traditional policy team that competes nationally, and the Madison Debate Society, a public debate organization that hosts a yearly tournament. This year, JMU qualified 2 teams to the NDT and won the CEDA Novice of the Year award.  (location: Harrisonburg, VA)

University of Iowa  The University of Iowa sponsors not one, not two, but THREE WDI Fellowships every year!  Coached by Dr. David Hingstman and Paul Bellus, Iowa teams consistently place in the top finishers at national debate tournaments including winning the NDT in 2001. The A. Craig Baird debate forum at Iowa also hosts public debates before general audiences, and they are hosting the NDT in 2015.  (location: Iowa City, IA)

College of St. Benedict  The College of St. Benedict does not have a debate team, but they support a WDI Fellowship because they believe in our mission.  As an all-womens liberal arts college, their curriculum focuses on women’s leadership and empowerment. Our Executive Director, Christi Siver, is a professor of political science at CSB. (location: St. Joseph, MN)

Wake Forest University  Wake Forest enjoys a century and half old tradition of debate success dating back to 1835. Debate at the highest level is an enjoyable process of intellectual and personal self-discovery. This level of individual success is, by definition, available to students of all experience and talent levels, so Wake’s team is open to all that are willing to strive to achieve such success.  Everyone at Wake shares in the joy of the accomplishments of everyone else, from novice to NDT
champion. (location: Winston-Salem, NC)

University of Missouri-Kansas City UMKC has supported the WDU University Fellowship program from its beginning – thank you, UMKC! Coached by Matt Vega, UMKC hosts an incredible summer debate camp for high school students, the SDI. UMKC also has a long history of success, including national championships in policy debate. Linda Collier, former Director of UMKC debate, also is a founding member of the WDI. (location: Kansas City, MO)

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