In order to ensure a greater diversity of views, we would welcome participation on our committees from interested parties. Below is a list of the committees with a brief description of their tasks. If you are interested in serving on one of these committees, click on the volunteer sign up button or contact committee chairs below.

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Permanent Committees

Recruitment and Admissions Committee, Brittany Williams, Chair

Revise and finalize scholar and student application
Recruit scholars and students to the program
Make admissions decisions for scholars and students

Student Safety Committee, Sarah Partlow Lefevre, Chair

Review and finalize applications for RA’s
Make hiring decisions for RA’s
Develop and implement training for RA’s at camp
Assist in developing WDI training on gender based harassment
Assist in creating other tools to address gender based harassment in the debate community
Participate in roundtables and discussions at select debate tournaments throughout the year on issues pertaining to gender exclusion in the community

Curriculum Committee, Christi Siver, Chair

Develop schedule of classes at the camp
Identify needed staff to ensure set of teacher teams for each class
Review and finalize applications for staff and IA’s
Make hiring decisions for staff
Finalize schedule and work with staff to ensure preparation of engaging course materials
Assess efficacy of classes toward our objectives post camp

Community Development Committee,

Develop schedule of community building events at camp
Work with curriculum committee to incorporate community building events into schedule
Review and finalize applications for community development assistants
Work with community development assistants to facilitate community building at the camp (teambuilding exercises, nighttime activities, organized activities during free time, etc.)

Finance, Administration, and Fundraising Committee, Sarah Glaser, Chair

Manage financial affairs of WDI
Raise money through individual fundraising, University Scholars Program, and grants
Administer all aspects of the camp and the organization

Ad Hoc Subcommittees

Diversity Action Plan Subcommittee, Brittany Williams, Chair

Prepare a diversity action plan by: (1) collecting data on past students, staff, board members, and course work; (2) assessing how effectively we’ve incorporated diversity into those components of the organization; (3) developing an action plan to more effectively accomplish our goal of diversity.

Name Change Subcommittee

Analyze and evaluate: (1) whether to change the name; (2) options for same

WDI Mobile Subcommittee, Kate Shuster, Chair

Plan and facilitate 1 day WDI program at Emory
Evaluate other options for 1 day programs at camps around the country.


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