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WDI Programming

The WDI offers four types of programming.

High School Program

The High School Program is a tuition-free camp that provides students the opportunity to be a part of a strong community of individuals committed to eliminating gender discrimination in debate.   At the WDI, students have the opportunity to learn debate skills from some of the top debaters in the country. Working one-on-one with former National Champions gives students the competitive edge they need to be successful debaters.  The WDI also teaches students about the impact of gender on debate and exposes students to the rich community of women in this activity. Furthermore, our “College Seminar” gives each student the opportunity to learn how to make higher education a reality, regardless of their current situation.

Collegiate Scholars Program

The WDI’s Scholar program is designed to build community and improve retention rates for students with marginalized gender identities in college debate. 2016 will be the fourth year of the Scholars program. Every year it is a little bit different, depending on the interests and needs of students and instructors. Our goal is for students to leave feeling a deep sense of connection and trust with each other and the staff. We hope that these bonds will persist throughout students’ debate and professional careers.

Gender Based Anti-Harassment Training

The WDI Studenbt Safety Committee is developing an online anti-harassment training program where students can learn about gender based harassment and other issues that contribute to gender disparities in debate.  The online course will be hosted on moodle and allow for student testing and teacher review of results.  It will be available for a small fee designed to support the web-hosting and content creation for the course.

WDI Mobile

WDI Mobile is a program designed to bring one day of WDI programming to other debate institutes around the Country.  The WDI will launch this program in 2016 with WDI@Cal.  WDI@Cal is a one-day extension for students attending the California National Debate Institute. WDI@Cal will focus on community and trust building among students with marginalized gender identities, and its curriculum will be modelled after the WDI curriculum.  Students attending Cal who have at any point been socialized as, or live and identify as women will be invited to attend. Students will be allowed to opt in and there will be no charge for the workshop.