Faculty (CS)

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2016 WDI Collegiate Scholars Faculty


Amber Kelsie
Shanara Reid-Brinkley, PhD
2015, 2016
Shanara focuses her scholarly research on African American culture and public argumentation, with a research program specializing in public argument and performance, cultural studies, and Black Feminist Theory. Reid-Brinkley has a specific research interest in black popular culture, including hip hop politics, culture, and activism. As the incoming Director of Debate, Reid-Brinkley is responsible for the competitive arm of the William Pitt Debating Union, recruiting students from around the country to participate in the University’s long history of successful competition. Her current scholarship focuses on the interaction between black culture and rhetorical practice and social conflict within high school and college policy debate. Reid-Brinkley also serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the Seattle Debate Foundation.
Kate Shuster, PhD
2013, 2014, 2015
Kate is the president of Shuster Consulting, Inc. Her firm conducts educational research, program evaluation and project management for national and international clients. She is the author of Teaching the Movement: The State of Civil Rights Education 2011 and its forthcoming revision for 2014. She is currently working with the Southern Poverty Law Center supervising the launch of Perspectives for a Diverse America, a common-core aligned K-12 curriculum tied to anti-bias education. Shuster has trained more than 5,000 teachers in debate instruction in more than a dozen nations. Shuster is the co-director of the Middle School Public Debate Program, the nation’s largest program for debating in the middle grades, serving more than 25,000 students in class and contest debating. The author of ten textbooks supporting debate instruction in secondary and university instruction, she won the National Debate Tournament in 1996 with her partner David Heidt. She is the current president of the Pan-American Debate Association and until recently was the head coach for the U.S. national high school debate team. She has coached at five universities, including coaching students to national championships in three different formats.