Our Donors

We welcome all donations of any kind. We have some wonderful donors that have given money, time and resources. This camp would not be possible without all their generous support. Thank you!

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What Can You Give?

We’ll accept almost anything – be creative if you can! Here are some ideas:
Time, Student Scholarships, Laptops, Evidence, Videos, Lectures, Travel Stipends, Airline Miles

Where Does the Money Go?

Read our 2010 Annual Report and discover how far your resources go. We utilize all monetary donations for the camp directly. All administration is done on a volunteer basis. Our top priority is to include as many women in the camp as possible.

Who Are the Donors?

The WDI receives generous donations from organizations and individuals.  Thank you to all our amazing donors!


College and University Debate Teams

Businesses / Law Firms / Foundations

Cross Examination Debate Association


Turns Case


Kalajarvi, Chuzi, Newman & Fitch

Leonard, Street & Deinard

Northeast Kingdom Information Associates

The Julia Burke Foundation

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Capitol Debate

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