WDI 2021 Virtual Camp Administrator (for Summer 2021)

WDI 2021 Virtual Camp Administrator (for Summer 2021)

Pre Camp

  • Work with HS Programming Committee Chair to
    1. Assist with hiring staff 
      1. Maintain waiting list to fill last minute vacancies
    2. Assist with staff training efforts, onboarding and managing staff during camp
    3. Communicate with staff on class assignments
    4. Collect and organize in approved storage site lesson plans, annotated bibs, handouts, slides, etc for easy access and usage
    5. Follow up with staff on course materials
    6. Set up website to support delivery of curriculum and communication with students
    7. Upload content from committee and staff at appropriate times
      1. Pre-session materials and materials to be used during session should be uploaded prior to camp
      2. Any supplemental materials should be uploaded within three days of camp
    8. Set up video conferencing (Zoom), any other infrastructure needed for delivery of camp
    9. Communicate with students on schedule, needed links, other materials
    10. Communicate with committee on swag
      1. Order and distribute swag

On Camp Days

  1. Coordinate technology needs with teaching instructors and staff
  2. Ensure all site information, digital infrastructure is available and working for instruction and programming for all students and staff involved
  3. Check in with staff on any last minute needs
  4. Check in with students to ensure they have links, other materials (follow up with any students not present)
  5. Assist staff with any needs during instruction
  6. Be available for students and staff during the day for questions about schedule, etc.
  7. Responsible for the maintenance of facility use and student compliance with all rules of the property and camp (for in-person camp)

Post Camp

  1. Follow up with any questions/requests from camp
  2. Send out staff and student evaluations
    1. Follow up to try to increase response rate to a minimum of 75%
  3. Collect thank you cards for donors
  4. Send invite to all camp attendees to like the WDI on social media accounts and join our alumni network
  5. Assist staff in returning forms needed for payment to the WDI administrator