Mentorship Program

WDI empowers participants in our organization to learn advocacy skills through the transformative power of debate. By providing collaborative spaces, mentoring, free tuition and dedicated networking, we seek to reverse the attrition of individuals with marginalized gender identities across high school and college debate while encouraging and normalizing values of intellectual integrity, thirst for knowledge, and collaborative education. Our efforts do more than contribute to a more diverse debate community; they provide a much-needed pathway for greater inclusion in all professions that rely on strong advocacy, public speaking, and analytical skills.

The WDI takes pride in our ability to foster connections across generations. Our dedicated staff of mentors actively participate in community building activities alongside students and board members. These activities are moments where staff model positive risk-taking and a willingness to try new things by participating in ice breakers, name games, and confidence building games.

The WDI Mentorship Program has, like many programs, changed it’s procedures due to COVID-19. As a result, the program will occur via Zoom calls that are monitored by trained Community Development Assistants and will be password protected to ensure group safety. Zoom calls will be structured to best facilitate the activities while limiting unnecessary features. Any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the platform for the WDI Mentorship Program should be directed to the Community Development Chair, Squid Monteith.