Criminal Justice Reform Lecture Series

Program Description

Throughout the summer we aim to host a small number of live, lectures engaging our students and members of our community. Our goal is to bring together bright minds to give talks that engage the theme, from a wide range of angles, to foster awareness and advocacy and ultimately provoke conversations that matter for thinking about reforming criminal justice system. 


Justice For Who?

We really wanted to focus on highlighting the inequities in the criminal justice system and the ways in which that disproportionately affects people of color in the US, especially women and girls. In light of our desire to engage persons beyond the debate community who have expertise that can enrich our discussions of criminal justice reform we created this limited lecture series.


6/25, 7/9, 7/23, 8/6 Evening


This lecture series is open to members in our community. To register to attend please fill out this brief form:


6/25 7-8:30 PM CST

Sarah Deer, JD

CJR Lecture Series Installment #1

7/9 5-6 PM PST

Shauntrice Martin 

CJR Lecture Series Installment #2

7/23 5-6:30 PM PST

Dana Delger

CJR Lecture Series Installment #3

7/23 7-8:30 PM PST

Dr. Subini Annamma

CJR Lecture Series Installment #4