What to Bring (CS)

What to Pack

Items provided by the Center include: bath towels, face towels, washcloth, linens, pillow, blanket.

Items to bring to camp:  laptop (notify the camp if you do not have one and we will get you one to use at camp), personal toiletries, flip-flops to wear in the shower, warm pajamas, layers of clothing (sweaters, jackets), bathing suit, footwear for a moderate hike (sturdy sandals, sneakers, or converse should be fine), personal writing/briefing materials (notebooks, pens, erasers, scissors and tape), any debate items (briefs, Aff cases, etc.), college essays you’d like comments on, flashlights, card games, books, cameras, and anything else that will be fun during free time. You may also want to bring some extra cash for snacks or miscellaneous items.

Mosquitoes are our common companions in Texas, so it is also wise to bring along bug repellant. Flashlights are strongly encouraged. We will have access to swimming areas, so bring a swimsuit and possibly a beach towel (center towels are small).  Daytime weather is generally warm, but you should bring a warm layer for evenings (fleece jacket or hoodie) and a rain jacket just in case.


Students and staff will stay at the  Camp Tyler in Whitehouse,TX.  Linens, a pillow and blanket and towels are provided. Camp includes dinner on August 8th breakfast, lunch, and dinner on August 9th-11th, and breakfast on August 12th.  Please be sure to indicate any dietary restrictions or preferences when you submit your acceptance package. You will be staying in dormitory rooms of 6-8 students per room.  Gender neutral rooms will be available.  There is ample opportunity for card games, music, and other night-time revelry. Students have a curfew of 10 pm each night, after which time students must remain inside the main dormitory building.  RA’s stay in the main dormitory building with the students and other staff members stay in an adjacent dormitory.

Who should I call if I have questions?

Executive Director: Nicole Nave (314) 258-0296

Board Chair: Jylessa Hampton (913) 620-5213

Feel free to call us anytime from now until we meet you if you have any questions.

We cannot wait to meet you! If you have questions, please contact us.