Resident Assistants

Preferred Qualifications/Experience for Resident Assistants
  • previous experience as a resident assistant in a dormitory environment
  • at least one (1) year of college
  • demonstrated leadership ability
  • CPR Training (or the willingness to complete CPR training by the time of the institute)
  • Lifeguard Training (Priority)
Job Responsibilities:
  • prepare dormitory, including setting up common spaces, snack spaces, etc. prior to the institute
  • supervise students at the airport and on the shuttle on arrival and departure days
  • serve as “on call” staff for assigned morning, afternoon, evening and late night shifts
  • facilitate room check at curfew
  • availability to address any student needs that arise (illness, hygiene, social/emotional support)
  • assist in the facilitation of community development activities
  • attend and participate in staff training sessions held prior to the beginning of WDI
  • maintain regular and open lines of communication with the Assistant Director and Coordinators of the WDI
  • set a personal example by conducting yourself in accordance with all WDI guidelines, Federal and Local policies, rules, laws and statutes
  • regularly initiate contact with residents through individual and group settings; be approachable and available, especially during evening hours, lunch and dinner
  • develop and maintain a positive community atmosphere in the resident area through use of the individual and group meetings, and activities aimed at forming values and fostering communication, mutual respect, cooperation, and concern for all WDI community members
Resident Assistants (RA) will be placed in one of two tracks – Community Development or Instructional Assistant.
  • Community Development Assistants will interact with campers, facilitate games and activities during leisure time.
  • Instructional Assistants will support students in the classroom during lectures and practice debates, providing Instructors with additional support.

Each RA position will be awarded a $300 stipend.

All travel expenses will be reimbursed in accordance with the WDI reimbursement policy.

Camp 2020 has been canceled please be on the lookout on program updates!