Application Information

Applicant Criteria

The WDI hopes to admit at least 55 students for our annual institute in August.
If there are more applications than the number of spaces available, the committee will use a variety of criteria to establish priority:
  1. Quality, originality, and strength of essay answers
  2. number of years in debate
  3. Year in school
  4. Need (students with fewer camp opportunities are prioritized)
  5. Previous admission to the WDI
  6. Overall compatibility with applicant pool

Diversity and Inclusion

The WDI’s primary strategic goal is integrating diversity across all levels of the organization to ensure that decision-­making and programming include diverse perspectives and identities.  The admissions committee is committed to seeing this reflected in our student population.  We have several relevant policies:

  • 50% of admitted students from Urban Debate League schools
  • 2014 Trans Inclusion Policy welcoming applications from trans students and staff.  More information on this policy can be found at our website.
  • Active recruitment of debaters from historically marginalized backgrounds, especially Black debaters


For some applicants declined admission, the WDI will offer the opportunity to be placed on a waiting list.  If any of our accepted students are unable to attend, we will offer admittance to a debater on the waitlist.  The criteria for waitlist removal is the same as above.

2020 Camp has been canceled! 

If you have any questions, please contact us or email us at