LaToya Green, WDI’s 2016 Keynote Speaker and Director of Debate and professor in Human Communication at California State University-Fullerton, has recently started her own practice inspiring greatness within others. Higher Definition Leadership and Empowerment Coaching (HDLEC) is LaToya’s brainchild, an organization started out of the desire to motivate people to invest in themselves and create positive change in the world around them.

LaToya plans to reach out to social entrepreneurs, leaders, and followers using a three-pronged approach: workshop facilitation, keynote speaking, and virtual training modules.

“My desire in all of this is to share with people hope and principles that go hand-in-hand. There are people that believe positive change can happen and approaching that from a principled perspective allows for good things to happen. I hope to provide the marriage of both of those things.”

Higher Definition’s name was inspired by LaToya’s mission to help people build a solid foundation with a higher purpose. “I believe individuals are powerful. Allowing those people to find power in collecting around their goals, ideas, and passions and to do so by moving, thinking, and living with a higher definition of purpose is a powerful thing.”

HDLEC operates under six core values:

  • Positivity – Acknowledging the role that attitude and perspective plays in success
  • Intentionality – Recognizing the significance of thinking and doing with purpose
  • Diversity – Effectively navigating diverse people, ideas, and outlooks
  • Accountability – The obligation and willingness to be responsible for your actions
  • Self-Discipline – Understanding sacrifice as an investment in your future
  • Humility – A willingness to minimize yourself in order to maximize the people around you

LaToya believes her interest in life coaching “came from reflections on myself, I didn’t see myself as the premier point person on how to be happy, but I did find myself in various situations where I learned how to become empowered.”

One of those situations, LaToya recalls, was the 2016 Women’s Debate Institute. “WDI 2016 was the birthplace of this. It was the place where I decided to take my aspirations seriously, to develop them into something that would meet the needs of individuals that seek to lead. It was because I had such an awesome experience collaborating with people at the WDI that I started to develop my ideas.”

So far, LaToya brought Higher Definition’s message to WDI’s 2016 campers, where she was a memorable keynote speaker. This upcoming year, LaToya will be taking Higher Definition to new heights as she attends the Emporia State University’s Black Leadership Initiative Summit in 2017. In a social climate that so desperately needs leadership and individuality, LaToya Green has cultivated a talent for helping individuals discover purpose within themselves.

HDLEC utilizes social media formats to engage the public and to provide inspirational messages throughout the week. “The digital concept will be easily accessible and efficient information that people will be able to pull from,” LaToya explains. You can check out LaToya’s inspiring weekly posts on Instagram at higherdefinitionlec, or on Facebook at @higherdefinitionlec. Visit Higher Definition’s website at

LaToya looks forward to attending the WDI 2017 this summer to continue the work of motivating greatness in those around her.

Ryan Williams is a WDI 2015 Alumn and a Member of the WDI Board of Directors.  If you have alumni news, please let us know.  We’d love to hear from you!