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Ariel holding her award.

2015 WDI alumni and member of the Curriculum Committee Ariel Olson earned her 1st bid to the TOC recently.  She made it to the semifinal round at The Crestian in Lincoln Douglas. Olson had a record of 4-2 in preliminary debates coming back from a disappointing 2-2 on the first day. Ariel debates for Fort Lauderdale High School.

Olson was ecstatic upon receiving her 1st bid to the tournament of champions after beating Justin Yang from American Heritage. “Debate means a lot to me, I’m excited I received my first bid and I can’t wait till I get the next,” Olson stated.

Olson was also took part in The Crestian Round Robin and ran arguments centered around herself and her relation to the topic. Ariel is hoping that she can receive her next bid at The University of Florida’s Blue Key tournament at the end of this month. Ariel practices debate daily and always helps others.

Congratulations Ariel! The WDI is glad to see you winning and making debate a better place.  Way to go!


Ariel with her Assistant Coach Mrs. Stickna