2015 WDI faculty member LaToya Green was named coach of the year at the 19th annual Val. A. Browning Round Robin in Ogden, Utah. LaToya coaches at the California State University-Fullteron.

LaToya was honored to receive the award.  She wrote, “I can think of a million and one coaches who deserve this award, so to know that there are people who actually voted for me to receive this honor is truly humbling.”

She also thanked her students, “To my girls, Berenice and Gabriela there is NO coaching award without a hardworking team to coach so thank you for being brilliant in the moments its time to make magic and resilient in the moments where things don’t always go as we planned.”

The WDI is inspired by LaToya’s accomplishments.  Congratulations Toya!


LaToya holding her award.

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