Round of applause for all the girls rocking it out at both the collegial and high school levels these past view weekends. Heres some updates on the great weekends WDI alums, staff and Collegiate scholars are having locally and nationally!

At the high school level:

  • Lornex Rono debated maverick, was named 3rd speaker and champion at first tournament of the year in the Boston Debate League
  • Haley Uttley had a great showing at her first tournament of the year going 5-0 at Blue Valley SouthWest
  • Mary Floreani received 3rd place in Cross-Examination debate at the SDO TFA tournament and debating with a new partner this past weekend earned 3rd place at the Judson Invitational
  • Tamara Morrison won the Detroit Urban Debate League tournament, following qualifying for the Tournament of Champions

At the collegiate level:

  • Jyleesa Hampton was 4th speaker and a semifinalist at UNLV
  • Brooke Kimbrough advanced to quarters of the UNLV tournament after ending prelims 4-3
  • Maddie Langr earned 7th speaker and was a quarterfinalist at the Kentucky tournament
  • Miranda Elrich fresh off the round robin ended prelims at 7-1, earned 19th speaker and an appearance in the octos of Kentucky
  • Marlene Anderson earned the 14th seed at UNLV after a strong prelims and advanced to octos
  • Nicole Nave upset the 5th seed and advanced to octos at UNLV
  • Haley Larsen was 18th speaker and made an appearance in Double octos

Stay tuned for more updates on WDI attendees seasons, awards and tournaments.