Dear WDI Community:

As some of you know, on October 1, 2010, I stepped down from my role as Executive Director of the WDI and will now be serving as the Recruitment Director. After eight years as Executive Director, I felt strongly that it was time to hand the leadership over to others in order that the vision for the WDI not become stagnant. Aleava Sayre, a long time board member, and Christi Siver a new board member, gamely agreed to take on the role of Executive Director, and I have the utmost confidence that they will do a wonderful job.

In my eight years as Executive Director, the WDI has accomplished a tremendous amount. We expanded our staff, expanded our student base, and expanded our supporters. We were able to do this because of a shared vision and a collective willingness to push forward no matter the challenges. When I look at the pictures from the last ten years, and read the comments of the students, I am extraordinarily proud of what we’ve accomplished as an organization. I am also extraordinarily grateful for the relationships that I have built through this organization. WDI students have become WDI staff and WDI staff have become friends. Together, we have created a community of women who have, among other things, this unique and rewarding activity in common. While I am downsizing my role, the WDI community is something I cherish, and I will always be a part of it.


J. Leah Castella