2013 WDI Scholars

2013 WDI Scholars

Guevara Scholar – Itzayana Rodriguez (IL) The Guevara Scholarship is sponsored by Omar and Veronica Guevara in support of young women of Hispanic origin. Omar and Veronica lead the Weber State University debate team, the host of the 2013 National Debate Tournament.

McDougle Scholar – Courtney Devore (TX) The McDougle Scholarship honors the life and career in service of Reverend Gail McDougle, a state champion Texas debater and former minister in the United Church of Christ. Rev. McDougle is a tireless champion against poverty and inequality, and in 2009 she was awarded the Salem Peacemaker’s Award for her advocacy of peace in the community.

India McCullough Scholar – Christine Rogers (MI) The India McCullough Scholarship is sponsored by Kali Kraum and Kelly Ross in honor of Kali’s grandmother. Kelly debated for both Emporia State University and Kansas State University, and he and Kali are longtime supporters of the WDI and our mission.

O’ella Ross Scholar – Ellen Baker (MO) The O’ella Ross Scholarship is sponsored by Kelly Ross and Kali Kraum in honor of Kelly’s grandmother. Kelly debated for both Emporia State University and Kansas State University, and he and Kali are longtime supporters of the WDI and our mission.

Copper Tree Scholarship – Alina Crouch (MO) The Copper Tree Scholarship, sponsored by former Lewis and Clark debater Jared Hager, honors the women debaters of the L&C debate team.

University of Iowa Scholars – Teressa Shaw (WI), Maddie Norgard (MN), and Josephine O’Connor-Miller (IA) The University of Iowa, led by Dr. David Hingstman, sponsored three full tuition scholarships to the 2012 WDI! The Iowa Debate program has won the NDT, NDT Top Speaker, Copeland award, Novice Nationals, and has been in the finals or won every national invitational during the last 10 years.

Wake Forest University Scholar –  Rachel Carlson (UT) Wake Forest University is coached by Dr. Jarrod Atchison, a long-time supporter of the WDI. The Wake Forest debate team is one of the top programs in the nation, including a semi-finals appearance at the 2010 National Debate Tournament.

University of California, Berkeley Scholar – Ariel Shin (CA) The Berkeley debate team is led by Jonah Feldman. In addition to producing some of the top debate teams in the country, Berkeley hosts a top-notch high school debate camp every summer.

Kansas State University Scholar –  Kaytlynn Pulley (MO) KSU has a strong debate tradition, exemplified most recently by wining the 2011 CEDA National Championship. Coached by Joe Koehle, the Wildcats are the alma mater of WDI Director of Finances Sarah Glaser.

James Madison University Scholar – Angelina Valleja (MA) James Madison University is led by Dr. Michael Davis and coached by Paul Mabrey. The JMU debate team is a force for leadership and diversity in the community of Harrisonburg, Virginia, and has a strong tradition of debate. 

The University of Missouri, Kansas City Scholar – Monica Propst (MO) UMKC, led by coach Matt Vega, has been incredible supporters of the WDI. Former UMKC coach Linda Collier is a founding member of our staff, and UMKC has produced national champions in policy debate for decades.

College of St. Benedict Scholar – Ellen Dymit (MN)  The College of Saint Benedict designs programs to meet the needs and aspirations of young women, emphasizing women’s leadership and a personal development profile that includes intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical development. WDI’s Executive Director, Dr. Christi Siver, is a professor of political science at CSB who debated at Lewis & Clark College.

Gonzaga University Scholar – Valerie Zhang (MI) Led by Director Glen Frappier and coaches Steve Pointer and Geoff Lundeen, Gonzaga’s debate team has hosted the Gonzaga Debate Institute since the mid-1980s.  The team has had outstanding success in policy debate, including making it to the NDT final four last year and winning the CEDA National Championship in 1989.

SUNY-Binghamton Scholar – Julia Alexis (MA)  Led by Director Joe Leeson-Schatz and coaches Armands Revelins and Guy Risko, Binghamton’s debate team emphasizes student leadership and participation.  Binghamton consistently qualifies to compete in the prestigous National Debate Tournament and ranks in the top 10 debate teams in CEDA Sweepstakes.

Gloria Cabada-Leman Role Model Scholar – Shifra David (TX)  Gloria is a great inspiration for women debaters. She was only the second woman ever to be named the top speaker at the National Debate Tournament. The first had been named over 30 years earlier. It would be more than twenty more years before the third female was named top speaker at the NDT.

Sandra Shuster Role Model Scholar – Deja Valerie (MI)  This Fellowship honors the mother of Kate Shuster, a successful policy debater for the Albuquerque Academy in high school who won the 1996 National Debate Tournament for Emory University. Sandy, as she was known to friends, was a great supporter of Kate’s career as a debater and as a coach and educator.

Gini Shaw Role Model Scholar – Claire Morris (NC)  This Fellowship honors the mother of Jeff Shaw, who debated Lincoln-Douglas for Canby (Ore.) High School and competed in policy debate for Lewis & Clark College in Portland. Gini supported Jeff’s debate career in numerous ways, and her hard work and sacrifice as a single mom inspired him to continue with debate — and to co-found the Women’s Debate Institute.

Kyla Sommers Role Model Scholar – Cherry Ng (Canada)  Kyla is a senior debater at George Washington University. Kyla exemplifies what student-debaters should strive to achieve. She is a top student, a talented debater, and an incredibly hard working individuals. In addition to excelling at school and debate, Kyla is also a scholarship track athlete.

Leonard, Street and Deinard Scholar  – Lillie Ouellette-Howitz (MN)  Leonard, Street, and Deinard is a law firm in Minneapolis, next-door to the home of the WDI.  WDI C0-Chair Aleava Sayre is an associate. As advocates of promoting women in the field of law, they are also strong supporters of the mission of the WDI and of the women in their communities.

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