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WDI’s mission is to advocate for and facilitate a more gender-inclusive environment that advances educational and professional opportunities for marginalized gender identities. 

Our Vision

We support self-empowerment of the participants in our organization by providing a community that cultivates the skills to be successful debaters, effective advocates, exceptional public speakers, and educated professionals with the ability to transform our world.

Why the WDI is Important

WDI empowers participants in our organization to learn advocacy skills through the transformative power of debate. By providing safe spaces, mentoring, free tuition, mobile resources and a supportive network, we seek to reverse the attrition of individuals with marginalized gender identities in the high school and college debate communities and to spread norms and values of intellectual integrity, kindness, compassion, and respect. Our efforts do more than contribute to a more diverse debate community; they provide a much-needed pathway for greater gender inclusion in all professions that rely on strong advocacy, public speaking, and analytical skills.