Our Donors

We welcome all donations of any kind. We have some wonderful donors that have given money, time and resources. This camp would not be possible without all their generous support. Thank you!

Donate now!

What Can You Give?

We’ll accept almost anything – be creative if you can! Here are some ideas:
Time, Student Scholarships, Laptops, Evidence, Videos, Lectures, Travel Stipends, Airline Miles

Where Does the Money Go?

Read our 2010 Annual Report and discover how far your resources go. We utilize all monetary donations for the camp directly. All administration is done on a volunteer basis. Our top priority is to include as many women in the camp as possible.

Who Are the Donors?

The WDI receives generous donations from organizations and individuals.  Thank you to all our amazing donors during 2011!

College and University Debate Teams

College of St. Benedict
Georgetown University
James Madison University
Kansas State University
University of California, Berkeley
University of Iowa
University of Missouri, Kansas City
Wake Forest University

Businesses / Law Firms / Foundations

Kalajarvi, Chuzi, Newman & Fitch
Leonard, Street & Deinard
Northeast Kingdom Information Associates


Alexandra Switzer
Allison Bergstrom
Amanda Simpson
Amber Anderson
Anna C Czapla
Ashley Amaya
Audrey Astion
Becky Opsata and Greg Achten
Bruce Nagel
Cameron Conaway
Carly Wunderlich
Casey Binz
Chip Albright
Christi Siver
Christina Sabee and Nathan Dintenfass
Christine Malumphy
Courtney and Tim McFadden
Cullen Hendrix
Danielle Giroux
Danielle Wiese Leek
Dick Carlisle
Dmitri Seals
Don and Linda Glaser
Donna Astion and Michael Fricklas
Edwin McLenaghan
Elizabeth Repko
Eric Withee
James Johnston
Jane Kirchhofer & Doug Hennessee
Jared Hager
Jeff Shaw
Jennifer Carbary
John Boone
John Thompson
Jonathan Helfgott
Joyce Chapman
Kali Kraum and Kelly Ross
Katerina Hatziavramidis
Keia Cole
Kenda Cunningham
Kimi King and Jim Meernik
Kristin Silvani and Martha Bleeker
Leah Castella
Leslie Amaya
Linda Collier
Loren Rosenthal
Mary Siver
Melissa Wade
Michael Benson
Michael Souders
Michelle Roddy
Natalie Fritz
Nicolas Krebs
Omar and Veronica Guevara
Rae Lynn Schwartz-Dupre
Rebecca Tushnet
Rick Peacor
Rochelle Sparko
Sandy Brown
Sarah Glaser
Scott Bailey Clifthorne
Sol Oster-Katz
Steve Hunt
Susan Stanfield
Ted Belch
Thomas Chupkowski
Val Renegar
William Fernholz

Past Donors Include:

Capitol Debate
The Julia Burke Foundation
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Colorado College Debate & Forensics
Emory University
Gonzaga University
Mt. Hood Community College
Samford University
Trinity University
University of Miami
University of Northern Iowa
University of Pittsburgh
University of Richmond
Vanderbilt University
West Georgia State
Whitman College

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